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I can no longer view my own Tripod website, for some reason; for about four or five days now it has brought me only a message telling me this is an invalid URL. Tripod appears to be unwilling to assist me in figuring out what is wrong, and so I am unable to update my website as I can't even see what I'm doing. Hence I'll be trying to set up a mirror at GeoCities, not because they're a better provider, but because at least I can still view my websites THERE. I will attempt to put the URL here whenever I get it up. Sorry, but I guess you can blame Tripod for this; I thought they were a decent provider until now. I can't even preview my page to see if this update shows up properly! :(

Welcome to the D Is For Damien Archive! :)

My username is Tehuti and I already have two websites dedicated to my other writing, Tehuti's Per On The Web for my fantasy novel Horus and my related shorter stories (Egyptian mythology themed), and Manitou Island: The Website for my fantasy serial (Ojibwa mythology themed). Yet I had no specific websites for my other, unrelated novels, nor for other items which I feel should be made public. I did not wish to clutter my other sites with those (somewhat second-rate) stories, so here they are.

I write fiction with fantasy/occult/mythological/furry themes, nature poetry, and the occasional song lyric, and I occasionally sketch my characters and take pictures of the things around me. This is where I hope to post at least some of this material.

On this site you will eventually find my written novels (the three finished D Is For Damien books, plus a link to Horus), serials (The Trench Rats and a link to Manitou Island), poetry, lyrics, background information, snippets and shorter stories, ideas and plot points, unfinished works, journal entries, photos, sketches, and random bits. Maybe if I get crazy enough I'll even include some childhood stories of mine. *Eep*

If you have visited this site before, you will notice it looks different now, at least in some places. This is because I have learned a bit of HTML and am finally attempting to update all my sites so they look nicer, and the Archive has been abandoned since around February. So please be patient while I sift through the dust! :)

Please enjoy the stories, and let me know what you think!






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September 11 2001

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